A Message of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who is a part of this incredible reading community. Throughout this past year, we made it our mission and purpose to highlight the incredible world of indie books. Because of you, reader, we have built a dedicated and ever growing community that celebrates and supports independent authors.

By purchasing and reading books from BookBaby Bookshop, you make a big difference. Independent authors face an uphill battle in this industry. Because of global retail giants and large-scale publishing houses, indie authors and indie publishers oftentimes find their voices suppressed and marginalized. The indie journey to success traverses choppy seas because quite frankly, the powers that be make it incredibly difficult to break into the scene.

Ese to Master Jefe by Raul Ramos

Some of the best literary works find themselves hidden – lacking the visibility they deserve. Few in the industry want to champion independent books, but you do. For that, I’m both grateful and excited about what the future holds. By being a part of this community, you join a movement to unearth these works – and give them the visibility they deserve.

BookBaby Bookshop and BookBaby Reads equip independent authors with the necessary tools to not only win, but shake up the entire publishing industry. Our mission is to pay authors more than any retailer in the industry so that we are known as the fairest destination for authors to sell their books. Because of your support, we have been able to empower thousands of authors whose voices deserve to be heard. Because of you, the audience for independent books continues to grow. It’s an exciting and revolutionary time for authors.

Biron the Bee Who Couldn’t by Gregg McBride

With each blog post you read and every book you purchase and share with friends, you are doing your part to encourage indie authors. Because of that, the motivation and drive grows for them to continue telling their stories. The wonderful thing about indie books is that they are true expressions of heart, thought, and creativity. Indie authors do it on their own because they believe in their story. They believe in their message. There’s no publishing house agenda influencing their work. Rather, it is their sincere commitment to creating meaningful and impactful content for the world to enjoy.

I hope you found a book that has spoken to you. Maybe it made you think a little bit differently about the world. Or maybe it just made you happy. However it made you feel, I hope that you understand the impact of your decision to purchase on Bookshop. Every purchase here does its part to shift the narrative – and sets the foundation for a unique industry that prioritizes author equity above everything else.

Late for the Buss: An Adoption Story by Lee Klose

So, thank you for engaging with our daily content and supporting the wonderful world of independent authors. It’s been a remarkable start to this journey – and I can’t wait to see this community continue to grow and diversify. Thank you for reading. Thank you for empowering authors. Thank you for being a part of BookBaby Bookshop.

Joe Yamulla

BookBaby Bookshop Manager

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