A New Christmas Tradition to Spread Kindness

The Christmas Tree That Changed The World by Beth Dessen Duffy

The Christmas Tree That Changed The World is a new book that’s making a huge difference. The story along with the app that accompanies it, helps people around the world practice kindness, create joyful memories, and make the world a better place. The book was written by Beth Dessen Duffy – the founder of Christmas Tree of Kindness. The mission began with her family traditions of spreading kindness during the Christmas season. Now, she passes forward these traditions through heartwarming resources that will inspire everyone to decorate trees with kindness.

The book itself tells the story of a young evergreen tree named Spruce and puppy friend Holly. You follow along with them as they learn how to overcome their doubts, make new friends, and inspire everyone to decorate trees with kindness. But what does it truly mean to decorate trees with kindness?

This tradition goes back to when Beth’s children were young. As a family, they wanted to find a memorable way to focus on kindness, giving, and receiving during the Christmas season. So, they taped a construction paper Christmas tree to their kitchen cabinet. Every time someone completed a kind act, they added a paper ornament to the tree.

The yearly practice of decorating the tree with kindness and doing good deeds brought so much joy to Beth’s family. She realized that this is something special to be shared with others. In a recent interview, Beth discussed her early inspiration to pass this tradition forward:

“We shared this activity over the years with many children and adults who loved both the activity and message of spreading kindness. We all experienced how much joy it brought to everyone…and wondered ‘if we should’ and ‘how we could’ share it with others.”

Beth Dessen Duffy

With this in mind, the Christmas Tree of Kindness app was created. On the app, you can enter your own kind acts or choose from suggestions and decorate your tree. Additionally, you can download a printable craft to make this tradition even more special. With the printable craft, you can cut out ornaments and add them to the tree as each person completes a kind act. The app and craft make for impactful and heartwarming activities that remind us why the Christmas season is so beautiful.

After creating the app and crafting activity, Beth considered how to make the message appeal to a wider audience. Adding a backstory to the activity added an entirely new dimension to it, and made this a complete holiday tradition for all to enjoy. So, after a process of writing, illustrating, and editing, The Christmas Tree That Changed The World was born.

With the book, app, and activity, Beth hopes to see everyone decorate their own Christmas Tree of Kindness. This practice makes the Christmas season so much more fulfilling – and is the perfect outlet to bring families and friends together over a shared goal to create a kinder world.

Beth’s work shows that one person can make remarkable impact. Christmas Tree of Kindness is changing lives and filling hearts with love. When discussing how she has used her success to make the world a better place, Beth says:

“In our journey to get to this point many children, adults, teachers, old and new friends and business associates are enjoying the Christmas Tree of Kindness app. We are all making our world kinder and better…one kind act and one ornament at a time.”

If you and your family are looking for a new tradition this Christmas, start here. The story is told with heart and compassion – and brings its values to life in a creative way. As you read the story and partake in the activities, you’ll remember just how good it feels to be kind. There’s no better way to celebrate the special moments of the season.

If you ever feel like the world lacks love and compassion, let this book and Beth Dessen Duffy serve as a wonderful reminder that there is plenty of both – and you might just find them on a Christmas tree.

The book is appropriately titled The Christmas Tree That Changed The World – because it really did. Because of the Christmas Tree of Kindness, the world is filled with more goodwill, generosity, and love. I hope that you enjoy the book and the activities – and continue to spread its important message.

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