An Interview with Laura Banks

USA Today Bestselling Author, Actor, and Comic

Laura Banks is a writer, actor, and comic who made her debut in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, and then went on to star in three films for Roger Corman. She continued to become an accomplished stand-up comic and improvisor with Whoopi Goldberg and was a regular at the famed Improvisation and Comedy Cellar in New York City. Banks is a USA Today Best-Selling Author with over 250,000 books sold.

Her new memoir, The Wrath of Blonde: The Making of Star Trek II, and Other Wild Hollywood Adventures as an Amazon in Outerspace, is a humorous and deeply honest tell-all. The book recounts her experiences dating William Shatner, filming at Paramount, navigating the man’s world of comedy clubs, filming dangerous action movies overseas, and so much more. The memoir is a laugh out loud, inspirational read that tempts us to follow our wildest dreams.

Purchase the memoir here.

Learn more about Laura by visiting her website.

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