An Interview with Marissa Alma Nick: Author of Rebel in Venus

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In this interview, Marissa Alma Nick elaborates on the process that went into writing her new novel, Rebel in Venus. The book itself is a vulnerable and thoughtful masterpiece that paints a heartfelt picture of friendship. With courage and power, the book reminds and reassures readers that their trauma is not a burden. For Marissa Alma Nick, the writing process was both cathartic and healing as she tied elements from her own past into the narrative. Although a work of fiction, it has the feel of a deeply personal memoir.

Through the eyes of protagonist Layla, you can feel Marissa Alma Nick’s heart and spirit. She recognizes her brokenness as the floodgates of her past burst open – forcing her to confront what has been buried deep within her. Alma Nick makes it known that many women will see themselves in Layla – establishing the character as a relatable symbol of vulnerability and strength.

It takes time, patience, and courage to write such a powerful novel. Over a three-year period, Marissa Alma Nick made this book a reality. She highlights the inspiration behind her book and shares her writing process. For Marissa Alma Nick, being vulnerable, personal, and fearless made all the difference in crafting her first novel.

Rebel in Venus Book Description

A gripping and heartfelt portrayal of two women picking up life’s wreckage after trauma and learning about solidarity, honesty, and hope. Through its inspirational tale of two survivors, Rebel in Venus allows its reader to discover the strength in letting go of what haunts you, to be free. Taking place in a post covid world, and inspired by cultural shifts, such as metoo, girlhood in America, and the power of sisterhood – this quick paced novel takes place over one night spent between best friends Maria and Layla.

Over the course of their evening, Layla’s memory is jolted, and her once carefully repressed past begins to return to her. Sexual revelations, high-school humiliations, unwanted pregnancies, unwavering friendships, sex work, divorce, and loss unfold across the pages. As the confessions unfold, Layla’s anguished past starts to crystallize and challenges the strength of her friendship with Maria, as well as her own life. Will Layla learn to save herself in time, or will her past win over her ability to see the future?

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