Best of Bookshop: Popular Cookbooks in 2023

Bring some new life and spice into your kitchen with our most popular cookbooks from 2023! With hundreds of diverse and delicious recipes, there is no shortage of inspiration to produce mouthwatering meals for yourself, friends, and family. Check these books out and get cooking!

Served: From My Family Table to Yours by Caroline Somers

The long-awaited debut cookbook from passionate home chef, Caroline Somers, shares boldly flavored food representing her abundant California lifestyle and global travels, wrapped in the foundation of her Italian lineage. This is the food you crave. Now we know why her husband resoundingly says, “DAMN!” after every taste. Served contains over 50 recipes, each with captivating images that make you want to stick your finger through the page and have a taste. You will feel Caroline’s zest reflected in each dish, plus enjoy detailed instructions to master her applauded creations for your own family.

Cookbook Volume One by Mountain Trek Health Reset Retreat

In this first-ever cookbook by the award-winning Mountain Trek Health Retreat, you will find a collection of omnivorous, majority plant-based, micro-nutrient-dense, and macro-nutrient-balanced recipes served to guests attending the health retreat. These nourishing meals will bring you the benefits of balanced blood sugars, increased physical energy and stamina, mental clarity and performance, and emotional balance. Enjoy the creative process of cooking these meals and the opportunity to mindfully savor the flavors and textures. In addition to the recipes, you will find a more thorough investigation of the retreat’s nutrition program to be used as a resource for implementing sustainable change in your life.

Recipes for the Anxious Mind by Karla Garjaka, Ed.D.

Recipes for Anxious Minds is a cookbook designed to support mental health through nourishing foods. With almost 60 delicious recipes made from natural, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients, this cookbook provides a range of options to help manage anxiety and promote brain function. The book includes tips on selecting the best foods and supplements for optimal brain health. From hearty breakfasts to savory dinners and sweet desserts, each recipe is packed with brain-boosting ingredients. Whether you want to reduce anxiety or enjoy delicious and nutritious meals, this cookbook has you covered.

The Carnivore Cookbook by Jessica Haggard

Jessica has demystified the preparation of animal foods in over 100 recipes carved down to the most essential ingredients: meat and animal fat. The Carnivore Cookbook contains a solid core of strict zero-carb recipes with a focus on nutrient density and nose-to-tail variety. Zero-Carb | Carnivore | Ketogenic Low Oxalate | Fiber-Free | Nutrient Dense Sections on fats and sauces, eggs, pork and poultry, fish and seafood, muscle meats, organs provide plenty of ideas for everyday meals and special occasion dinners.

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