Bestseller Feature: We Believe

We Believe: A Small-Town’s Journey to the Little League World Series by Evan Satinoff

(Autobiography / Baseball)

This is the perfect book to read as we come together and enjoy the pure, wholesome joy of the Little League World Series. Written by baseball enthusiast and Nolensville Coach Evan Satinoff, the book recounts this small town’s run to the Little League World Series – inning by inning, pitch by pitch, and reveals priceless behind-the-scenes stories that will capture your heart.

In my adult years, decades after my time playing Little League Baseball, I still perfectly remember that magical feeling. I played just about every youth sport possible, but nothing compares to Little League Baseball. The funny thing is, after all these years playing baseball and coaching baseball myself, I can’t quite put into words what exactly makes Little League so special. Maybe it’s our childhood sense of wonder – still untouched by the harshness of the world with a fierce belief that anything is possible. Maybe it’s the global connection of Little League Baseball – kids from around the globe competing for the same lofty goal. Or, maybe, it’s just the power of America’s pastime – a game like no other that brings communities together during the lush summer months.

Whatever it is about Little League Baseball, one thing is for certain – it brings out the best in us. As I read Evan Satinoff’s book We Believe, I was pleasantly reminded of that. The small-town Nolensville Little League is in the middle of Tennessee and for two straight years in 2021 and 2022, the team reached the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Through his passionate, conversational, and thoughtful writing, Satinoff does such a wonderful job sharing the remarkable journey with readers.

The book reminds us just how significant this endeavor is for our youth – and how it brings meaning to their lives in ways that transcend baseball itself. If you’re like me, an adult whose only connection to Little League Baseball is a distant memory, the book allows those memories to become clear once more. You remember the feelings of hope, happiness, and joy that seemed to last forever. The book should be required reading for every person whose life has been influence by baseball. I hope it affects you as it affected me – bringing me back to that youthful exuberance that can only be felt on a Little League Baseball field, in the warm summer sun.

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