Bestselling Children’s Books in 2023

Memorable life lessons, charming storytelling, and beautiful illustrations – you get it all in children’s literature. It is special to enjoy a book with a child. Filled with a glistening sense of wonder, young readers expand their hearts and minds with each page. If you are looking to introduce your young reader to new books, you’re in the right place. Here are five of the top selling children’s books on Bookshop this year. I hope you and your children enjoy reading them.

Free to Sing by Sheryl Evans Davis

A little girl who loves to sing has been told by her older sister to stop, but, leaning on her mother’s words of encouragement, she refuses to do so. Instead, she shares her passion with other children through her remarks on how singing has brought joy to her own life and household as well as been a force for positive change in society. From reflecting on the comfort of singing to her baby brother to recalling the role of song in the Civil Rights movement, the little girl’s narrative is a celebration of the power of embracing and expressing one’s identity, relationships, and values through music and one’s very own voice. It is likewise an invitation to other children to use their gifts freely in nurturing positivity within themselves and among others, from the private sphere of the family home to humanity and the world at large.

Cam and Lex Adventures by Patricia Nicole Harris

Cam and Lex Adventures highlights the unique love and bond that exists between cousins who are growing up as close as siblings. It is inspired by Camden Lorenzo Gordon (the big cousin) and Lexington Grey Harris (the little cousin). Throughout the series there is fun, learning, discovery, conflict, and resolution. We follow Cam and Lex on a series of adventures, based on real life explorations. ​The book normalizes and humanizes the experiences of boys of color while being relatable to all families. The representation and humanization of their day to day, matters. ​What will they get into next?!

Wu-Tang is for the Children by Lee Lawrence

Lee Lawrence’s unique children’s book pays tribute to the Wu-Tang Clan and winds the clock back to 1999! From A to Z, it takes you on a journey through the world of the Wu-Tang, discovering references to the group’s music and their endearing fascination with martial arts. Many fans started with the Wu-Tang at a young age, and that generation now has kids of their own. That puts this book at the intersection of nostalgia and legacy.

Susie Clark: The Bravest Girl You’ve Ever Seen by Joshalyn Hickey-Johnson

Susan Clark was just 13 when she became the first Black student in the United States to integrate a public school through a court order. Her lawsuit, decided by the Iowa Supreme Court in 1868, gave all Iowa children the right to attend public school regardless of race, religion, nationality, or any other distinction. Segregated schools were the norm in many states until the 1954 US Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. Susan’s case contributed to that landmark decision. To capture and share this critical story, this book was commissioned by the Global Education program at the Stanley Center and the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine. 

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Paisley’s Pay it Forward Adventure by Gail D. Nussbaum

Can a teddy bear make an impact on this world? Paisley is a teddy bear excited to find a new home full of adventure and is surprised to end up in a hospital. Though not where Paisley expected to land, Paisley finds purpose through helping Ahna – a young girl battling cancer. Paisley soon finds his journey doesn’t end with Ahna, instead he finds himself traveling from child to child! From spending time with each child Paisley learns what it means to pay it forward and the power of small acts of kindness. Inspired by a real life Pay-It-Forward event held annually by the author, Paisley’s story is one of love and giving back to those who need it most. Like the thousands of stuffed animals that have found homes, Paisley’s mission is to spread hope and joy. All proceeds from this book benefit the following non-profit organizations: Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Brent’s Place and Ronald McDonald House – Charities of Denver.

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