Book of the Day 1/23/23

Sunny the Firefly by Lee Ann Lander

(Juvenile Fiction / Family)

Sunny the Firefly is a wonderful new children’s book that teaches some of life’s most meaningful lessons. Thoughtful, creative, and tremendously illustrated, this is the perfect story to help children understand what it means to find their purpose and utilize their unique talents.

As the story begins you meet a Sunny, a firefly with a light that just won’t shine. He knows he is different than everyone else, and he feels so alone. There are a lot of kids (even adults) out there who can relate to Sunny. It can be so difficult to realize that you’re different than everyone else. It also can be very isolating to live in a world in which you feel like you struggle with something that no one understands. But Sunny reminds us to resist giving in to these feelings. He promises to do “whatever it takes” to find his light.

Soon you follow Sunny on an extraordinary journey. The storytelling is endearing, and the illustrations are captivating. They combine in a magnificent way to allow readers to fully immerse themselves into Sunny’s world as he seeks to understand how and why he can find his light. You’ll laugh, you’ll think, and you may even cry. But your heart will always be full as you follow Sunny to so many different places on his quest.

Sunny may be a firefly, but his soul is deeply human. Sunny’s journey to find his light is not linear by any means. Just like anyone who faces tough times, he starts to lose hope. The exhaustion of feeling alone is a true burden – and he begins to question why he is like this, and feels lonelier than ever. But when he finds himself in a sticky situation, Sunny learns an unexpected lesson about friendship and family that changes everything.

I recommend you read this book and learn just how Sunny finds his light. His story reminds us that we discover the most important aspects of ourselves when we least expect it, and there is always hope as long as we remain persistent. Like Sunny, you may realize that you’re searching for something that’s always been right in front of you. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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