Book of the Day 1/3/23

The Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor by C.J. and Zac Zachary

(Juvenile Fiction / Family & Relationships)

The successful author/illustrator team of C.J. and Zac Zachary is back with another hit children’s book, The Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor. The Zachary author duo absolutely delivered with the introductory book of the series, The Awkward Avocado. And when I learned about the sequel, I was ecstatic. The authors have a beautiful ability to convey life’s most meaningful lessons in a charming, rhyming format that children can grasp. This new story certainly does that – and reminds us of the importance of sibling love.

The Awkward Avocado and the Interrupting Raptor takes you on a heartwarming and relatable journey (especially if you grew up with a younger sibling). In the story, the Awkward Avocado is now dealing with her younger brother. In the last story, she learned the importance of self-love. Now, she learns the importance of sibling-love, even though it’s not always easy.

As you follow along the journey between these two siblings, you’ll experience a humorous but touching reflection of life with a younger brother or sister. The authors show that although these relationships can get tough, it’s always important to love and support your little sibling – even when they are silly.

“He’s there by your side whenever you need him. A built in best friend that’s there til the end”, writes C.J. Zachary. The entire book is filled with heartfelt, creative, and fun lines like this. Just like the first book in the series, this story is an instant classic that belongs in every household.

I grew up with three siblings, and I wish I had access to this story during my childhood. Growing pains can lead to conflict, confusion, and even frustration amongst families – and sometimes we need a reminder to love one another, no matter what. I hope you check this book out and share it with your family. You’ll find that we can learn the most impactful life lessons from the smallest places… like two little avocados.

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