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Joseph’s Storehouse Baking Company by Michele McCurdy-Buonacorsi

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(Cooking / Baking)

Joseph’s Storehouse Baking Company was iconic in San Antonio, Texas. Now, its delicious recipes make a triumphant return in this new cookbook. You once again can taste the recipes you fondly remember, and if you’ve never been to the restaurant, this is your chance to get baking and try something special.

Michele McCurdy-Buonacorsi, founder of the bakery/restaurant published this cookbook so the masses can bring its favorites into their homes. Your kitchen will be swirling with the aromas from the classic buttery yeast rolls, spicy jalapeño potato soup, and towering fudgy cupcakes that made Joseph’s Storehouse Baking Company so famous. The 474 page cookbook is jam-packed with 720 different recipes. Many of them are from Joseph’s Storehouse, and others are recipes that the author gathered over the decades.

When discussing the book, author Michele McCurdy-Buonacorsi says, “I always wanted to write a cookbook” and describes the book as “a record of over 40 years of cooking and the culmination of my recipe scrapbook, filled just as I would fill a kitchen journal that I want to pass along to my children as they start their own homes”. Her recipes are equally loaded with heart as they are with flavor. These treasured dishes will bring plenty of happiness and satisfaction to your kitchen.

For those who are unfamiliar with Joseph’s Storehouse, the idea began in 1987 after Michele’s former husband Patrick McCurdy left his position as a pastor of Shearer Hills Baptist Church to start the non-denominational River City Fellowship. Pastoring this small, new church was not easy financially. After taking bread-baking classes, Michele was encouraged to sell the loaves of bread she had been giving away to friends. She was baking the bread using organic Montana wheat that she ground herself.

After she began to sell loaves, she soon learned there was a market for her cooking. She baked more bread and added sandwiches, box lunches, and larger orders. Her culinary endeavors continued to expand to the point where they needed to make it a full-time job. Patrick left the ministry and together they opened Joseph’s – named after the Biblical story told in Genesis in which Joseph stockpiled grain in preparation for a great famine.

The restaurant closed its doors for good in 2014. Although they are now divorced, Michele thanked Patrick in the book’s dedication “for beginning this journey with me and for your hard work, long hours and sleepless nights”.

Food has a way of bringing us together like nothing else. These special recipes have made people happy for a long time – and they will continue to do so for years to come. I highly recommend this cookbook to everyone looking for familiar, satisfying, and nostalgic recipes that bring warmth and joy.  

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