Book of the Day 10/21/22

Natural Law: by Eric Patrick Marr     

(Political Science / General)


Natural Law is a book that challenges you to think differently and critically to make drastic improvements to your life. Author Eric Patrick Marr will be the first to tell you that something he loves most is questioning everything in life. Today, many are reluctant to challenge contemporary dogma. Our hesitance to question the world around us is problematic. This insightful book will remind you how important it is to ask questions, make changes, and hearken back to Nature.

This book reminds you that Nature created everything – and Nature makes the rules. It paints a thought-provoking picture of life, reminding us that Nature is what gives us our rights. Eric Patrick Marr’s book may be brief, but it is powerful. He shines light on the main issue contributing to America’s eroding foundation – our overwhelming tendency to ignore Nature. The book highlights how as a country, we’ve gone astray. We are failing in health – both mentally and physically. Our diets are poor, we’re prone to disease, and unnatural habits are launching us down a dangerous path.

As I read this book, I examined my own life. I thought about the hours I spend looking at screens and indoors. It reminded me how important it is to remain connected with Nature, despite the inevitable realities of modern life. It helped me hearken back to Nature in a way that makes sense for me and my own circumstances, and I hope it does the same for you.  

I love how this book oozes optimism. Although it addresses a systemic social issue plaguing America, it remains hopeful that we could realign with Nature – even with contemporary limitations. Eric’s teachings will go a long way to start tackling America’s massive mental and physical health challenges.

Even if you feel like you’re thriving – mentally, physically, and spiritually, this is an excellent book to read. It points out some of the most pressing issues Americans face today, and how they could be remedied by reconnecting with the Natural world. You might just find something to help you achieve an even better lifestyle. Asking questions, examining our flaws, and proposing achievable solutions is how we grow as individuals and a collective society. With Natural Law, you can examine your own life in the context of its questions. It’s a must-read deep dive into our mental, physical, and socio-political health challenges.


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