Book of the Day 10/24/22

Tucker Finds His Forever Home by Beth Cherryholmes Miller

(Juvenile Fiction / Animals & Dogs)

Did you know that October is Pitbull awareness month? It’s time to address the perceptions and stereotypes that surround these lovable dogs, and our book of the day is the perfect place to start. Tucker Finds His Forever Home is a heartwarming tale about a young Pitbull-mix who is forced out of his home because of how he looks. But in the end, he realizes that being himself is good enough – and he is worthy of being loved.

This endearing story begins when a family’s landlord forces them to get rid of Tucker, simply because he is a Pitbull. He finds himself seeking shelter alone in an alley – dreaming of a loving and warm home. Soon, he’s rescued by an animal shelter, but families continue to pass over him because of his appearance. After he watches dog after dog get adopted in front of him, he begins to wonder if he’ll ever be loved. But when a woman named Lyla sees him, everything changes. She brings him into her community where he can finally have the happiness and unconditional love he deserves. At the end of the day, Tucker learns that being himself is good enough.

I was drawn to this story for so many reasons. As a dog-lover, I always find that stories about animals touch my heart in the most special ways. This one certainly does that and more. The illustrations and creative storytelling will tug at your heartstrings as our hero Tucker perseveres through prejudice, judgement, and stereotypes. His story stands out as it teaches children fundamental lessons about acceptance and understanding. You’ll find yourself cheering for Tucker, and possibly shedding a few tears, as he overcomes the odds and finds people who love him for who he is.

Author Beth Miller does a phenomenal job telling a heartwarming story that is filled with lessons about self-worth, breed discrimination, safety, emotions, and bullying. Beth is also the founder of Wagtown, a charitable organization that helps communities become more dog-friendly. All of the proceeds for Tucker Finds His Forever Home directly support animal welfare, so you are making a difference by purchasing this book.

I recommend this book to all families. I hope that it finds its way to your bookshelf and that its message influences the public perception of Pitbulls. Beyond that, I hope that the book brings a little bit of love and light to your life.

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