Book of the Day 10/3/22

High Strangeness: Tales from the Edge of the Unknown by Philip Tice

(Fiction / Horror)

Be ready to buy a night light when you pick up Philip Tice’s new book, High Strangeness: Tales from the Edge of the Unknown. This book is compiled of 10 short stories that will be sure to make your spine tingle. “High strangeness” refers to the hidden beings or entities among us. Like a UFO or a real-life mystery having a quality of being peculiar, bizarre, or utterly absurd. This collection of stories and poems expands on this concept.

The book includes a New Jersey diner that isn’t the late-night refuge it seems, a widow seeking out what belongs to her, and a boogeyman with a knack for fires. You’ll also read about monsters living among us, a haunted subway car, a curse looking for their next host, among other spooky haunts.

The author, Philip Tice, knows a thing or two about the horror genre. He’s worked as a special effects make-up artist to bring monsters to life on movie sets. He’s also worked with horror legends like Thom Matthews, who played Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th Part VI, and Cary Woods, who was a producer on Scream.

Tice wrote this book and the short stories as a homage “to the groundbreaking pulp horror novels of the 1950s”. He was inspired by short story collections like Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew, Clive Barker’s Book of Blood, and Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Any horror fan will pick up on the subtle nods to these authors while Tice is able to have his own voice shine through.

This book is a perfect read to start your Halloween season. Casual horror fans will enjoy the quick stories to give them a scare while seasoned fans will enjoy the new takes on some older themes of the genre.

Learn more about the author and his book by visiting his website.

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