Book of the Day 11/11/22

Relentless Positivity: A Common Veteran Battling Uncommon Odds by Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad

(Autobiography / Memoir)

As we celebrate and honor Veterans Day, I’d like to highlight one of the most insightful and empowering books I’ve read this year. Relentless Positivity was written by retired US Navy Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad. It tells his personal story following a service-related spinal cord injury while he was on active duty. This must-read memoir is one that will help you face your own personal adversity and conquer the most profound challenges that life presents you.

Cozad’s book is insightful, honest, and frank. He describes in captivating detail how he bounced back from a debilitating spinal cord injury with one overarching motivation – to “give back” and make a positive difference for others. Cozad’s leadership as a senior Navy two-star admiral serving on active duty, and his current role as President and CEO of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation exemplify his grit and resilience – and his commitment to social change.

This is an incredible book, and one that will really resonate with veterans, Wounded Warriors, and their families. But you don’t need to have a military connection to benefit from this book and appreciate what it offers. So many of us struggle with trauma and life challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable. There comes a point when we come to terms with this brutal fact – life can be unkind. Everyone faces their own battles. I understand how challenging it can be to endure through hardship, but books like this remind us that we are capable of overcoming incredible odds.

After his spinal cord injury in 2018, Cozad recovered and returned to full service, completing his final thirty months of active duty as the Navy’s only wheelchair-bound flag officer. During that time, he became an advocate for disability awareness and competed in the 2019 Department of Defense Warrior Games. Since his injury, Cozad also has dedicated countless hours mentoring other spinal cord injury victims through their individual recoveries.  

Our country’s very foundation is built on the courage and sacrifice of our veterans. They are real life superheroes – and I hope you can take some time today to appreciate this story and learn about stories from other veterans. You’ll find yourself motivated, inspired, and moved to tears. So, from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank every veteran who served and thank Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad for his sacrifice and fortitude.

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