Book of the Day 11/21/22

The Great Tree by Able Barrett

(Fiction / Folk Tales)

The Great Tree is an enchanting and engrossing Christmas fable that the entire family will love. In the book, author Able Barrett blends the new and old together in beautiful harmony to construct a timeless story about the events that changed Christmas forever. It’s the perfect book to read as you start getting into the Christmas spirit. The author is donating all proceeds from the book to The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary, an Approved 501 (c)(3) Animal Public Welfare Charity.

The book takes you back in time to an ancient setting when a young man named Andrew and his dog desperately search to find his long-lost brother, Nicholas. Andrew hopes to find and reunite Nicholas with their dying mother before she passes. The brothers were separated when they were very young – as Nicholas was stolen away by the Prince of Darkness. To rescue Nicholas and bring him to their mother before it’s too late, Andrew and his loyal dog venture forth on a dangerous crusade. It takes them to places beyond their wildest imaginations. They head into a dangerous world and face evil protectors, giant wolves, dark magic, sorcerers, goblins, and the Prince of Darkness himself. All of this is centered around an enormous tree.

Throughout this mystifying epic, you’ll uncover the magic that changed Christmas forever. The Great Tree does a wonderful job introducing elements from the most iconic stories of Christmas past, while implementing new themes that reimagine Christmas and all of its wonder. It’s an adventure story that engages you with fantastical elements, rich character development, and a clear love for Christmas.

Christmas means a lot to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative story. Author Able Barrett writes with passion, excitement, and creativity. It might not be your typical Christmas story, but it’s one that you will never forget. The story is fast-paced but unpredictable – and you’ll certainly be blown away by its ability to reimagine holiday tradition in a fantastic way.

You can also find the book in hardcover format.  

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