Book of the Day 11/22/22

Hero’s Journey by Lisa Marie Meadows

(Fiction, Romance / Contemporary)

In celebration of the World Cup kicking off in Qatar, I’m excited to share this enthralling new novel. Hero’s Journey is Lisa Marie Meadows’ new book about a professional soccer player with a jaded past who must confront his demons when life throws him a major curve. It’s a true literary triumph filled with pertinent symbolism and countless life lessons. It needs to be on your list this holiday season!

In the book, you meet the protagonist named Hero – a young professional soccer player who appears to have the entire world in his hands. When you’re young, talented, and successful, it’s easy to feel immortal and invincible. But life has a way of knocking us down – and presenting the harshest reminders that all things are fragile and fleeting. For Hero, this happens during a game when he suffers a career-altering injury. Suddenly, his career is in question, and he is forced to confront the dark past he suppressed with soccer.

Hero learns that no matter how successful you become, there comes a point in life when you must confront the darkest parts of your past. Because of soccer, he always could keep his past a secret – but we all know that’s not a sustainable way to live. You’ll be both fascinated and hooked when reading Hero’s story, as he learns that he cannot run from his mistakes. Rather, he must face them head on. The question arises – will overcome his obstacles or crumble?

This is a magnificent tale that shows even a hero can be beaten down by life’s hardships. With that, it reminds us that the truly courageous and heroic among us can overcome profound darkness, pain, and struggle. In this book, you’ll discover if Hero can truly live up to his name and win in life like he could on the soccer field. You will love Lisa Marie Meadows’ captivating writing and the beautifully complex characters she develops throughout the novel.

The archetypal “hero’s journey” is broken down into three acts – The Departure Act, The Initiation Act, and the Return Act. A hero leaves regular life and sets out for adventure. Then, the hero ventures into unknown territory and faces trials and challenges. Finally, the hero returns in triumph. The archetype is one of the most historic and impactful elements of storytelling. This book shares a “hero’s journey” in a completely unique way – and does an extraordinary job adding modern elements to a historic concept. Now, it’s up to you to find out if Hero is able to end his journey in triumph.

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