Book of the Day 11/28/22

The Best Gift of All by Heather Grace-Force Martin

(Religion / Christmas & Advent)

Thanksgiving is over and if you go just about anywhere, you’ll see garland hanging, lights shining, and a world ready to celebrate another Christmas season. But the commercialization of Christmas can make this wonderful time a bit confusing for Christian families – as they seek spiritual connection amidst the consumer noise. If you and your family are struggling to bridge the gap between the sacred and secular during the Christmas season, you need to read The Best Gift of All. This wonderful book contains 24 Advent readings and 12 Christmas readings. It’s an essential read for Christian families looking to celebrate the birth of Christ and find meaning throughout the entire season.

As Advent begins, many Christian parents experience a unique set of challenges – cultural practices often feel at odds with the spiritual significance of the season. Questions can arise like – is it best to pretend Santa is real? Are gifts making children love the material world more than the spiritual world? How can children focus on the birth of Christ without missing out on the fun? For Christians, this could be incredibly difficult to balance. But it doesn’t have to be. In the Advent portion of this meaningful book, you’ll find that each day’s theme centers around common Christmas traditions – and it uses those traditions and imagery to point towards a spiritual lesson. Then, the book covers the 12 days of Christmas by sharing readings that detail Jesus’s life before his ministry began.

This book is an absolute must-read for those who cherish the sacred days of Advent. Author Heather Grace-Force Martin does an extraordinary job bridging the gap between the sacred and secular. With her book, you’ll understand the biblical and spiritual associations with the standard, cultural practices. You’ll see how Christmas trees, gifts, and even Santa Claus, are all connected to ancient Christmas traditions. I admire and appreciate how accessible the book is – and it will do wonders for families with children between the ages of 2-10. It’s a powerful and enlightening reminder that Christians can (and should) enjoy every aspect of Christmas. There is a world in which the cultural and sacred live together in spiritual harmony.

If you are confused about having these types of conversations with your children, start with this book. You’ll learn to appreciate the hope, joy, and love of the season in a completely new way. After reading, your family will have an entirely new perspective and deeper faith. It’s empowering to know that you can enjoy every aspect of the season – and with this book’s teachings, you’ll find meaning in places that you never would have imagined.

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