Book of the Day 12/1/22

Laleh’s Table by Laleh Khoshkbariie

(Cooking / Middle Eastern)

Start your December by bringing the joy of Laleh’s Table to your kitchen! The cookbook is filled with over 80 recipes of perfectly prepared Persian dishes from breakfasts to desserts. It’s a brilliant cookbook that is easy to comprehend and showcases vibrant photographs. It’s the perfect kitchen companion to enhance your cooking this holiday season, and it also makes for a wonderful gift.

Cookbooks are so much more than a collection of recipes. They’re an invitation to explore and experience culture. Preparing a recipe is a journey – and this cookbook shares so many opportunities to venture forth on a culinary expedition. Through the smells and tastes of each recipe, you’ll come to understand the profound characteristics that make the food and culture so magnificent. You’ll see that the book comes from a place of love – as author Laleh Khoshkbariie has unending passion for her culture, and preparing authentic Persian / Azeri, and Turkish meals.

There is no other cookbook like this. You’ll learn how to start your day by preparing mouth-watering Azeri French Toast, luscious Garganakh, and an omelet like no other. Your taste buds will be enriched by stews that are packed with flavor – like Fesenjoon, a nutty and rich Persian stew with sophisticated spices. And of course, you’ll be preparing main courses that are simply to-die-for, like Laleh’s chicken kabobs, and the famous Kofteh Tabrizi. The Kofteh Tabrizi was actually named after the city Tabriz, a historical location surrounded by glorious nature and filled with talented cooks. You’ll see that this recipe, like so many others in the book, carry out a profound historical tradition and pass culture forward through food.

By putting her heart and soul into every recipe, Laleh Khoshkbariie creates an undeniable masterpiece that radiates with passion. Beyond that, the cookbook is extremely accessible and understandable. Cooks of all backgrounds and skill levels will be able to follow her clear, concise, and comprehensive recipes to achieve the scrumptious final products. Laleh’s Table is truly the one cookbook you need to buy this year. Your kitchen will never be the same – and you’ll be overjoyed with the delight that comes from exquisite cultural cooking.  

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  1. Love the introduction
    Kitchen queen
    Zumba queen
    What a match if the two talents .
    I will do my best to get a signed copy .

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