Book of the Day 12/13/22

A Christmas Cookie Musical by Carissa Biele

(Juvenile Fiction, Holidays / Christmas)

A Christmas Cookie Musical is more than a book – it’s an experience that makes for a holiday family tradition. The book blends storytelling with both illustrations and music to share an epic adventure. Author Carissa Biele does such a wonderful job bringing the story to life in a way that will make your family excited to read it every holiday season. You’ll read, sing, and dance along as you follow a group Christmas cookies on their unforgettable Christmas Eve journey!

As I read through the story, I was both impressed and entertained the entire time. I’ve read plenty of Christmas stories – but never one about Christmas cookies coming to life! Their adventure to rescue other cookies in Santa’s sleigh is both fun and completely original. As the cookies continue on their mission throughout the night, they find themselves traveling to some incredible places – and eventually the North Pole.

Their Christmas Eve voyage is amusing and unpredictable. I found the rhymes and illustrations to be spectacular, and the use of QR codes for music was quite inventive. Pairing music with illustrated storytelling is impactful. It truly brings the story to life. As children read the book with family and parents, they’ll feel like they are actually there – on an adventure with this brave group of cookies.

What’s particularly special about this book is its final message – one that teaches the importance of faith, trust, and prayer. Throughout the story, the cookies experience a lot of doubt and fear as they voyage to the North Pole. But in the end, they learn that there was nothing to be afraid of – as something beautiful lies ahead.

This book is an absolute hit on all fronts. It appropriately shares a Christmas message that is unique and timeless. It takes readers on an unpredictable journey that is unlike any other Christmas tale, and ends with a whole lot of positivity and love. The addition of audio adds immense value – and sets this story apart from other holiday tales.

From start to finish, A Christmas Cookie Musical is a triumphant joy that your family will love. It’s the product of incredible talent, from Carissa Biele’s writing, to Joshua Potter and Elena Salvatore’s art, and Steven Farella’s music.

I hope you order a copy and make this beautiful, musical story a part of your traditions.

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