Book of the Day 12/16/22

How I Became Santa Clause by Chris Kringle

(Juvenile Fiction, Holidays/Christmas)

Christmas is right around the corner. The streets are glowing with lights and decorations as children are anxiously anticipating the magic of Christmas morning. As a child, there’s nothing quite like going to sleep on Christmas Eve. Because Santa fills the hearts and imaginations of so many children, it’s only right for them to learn his origins. How I Became Santa Clause is the perfect book to explain his secrets and his yearly miracle.

The book is creatively formatted like a letter. It is written by Santa to children across the world. It shares his origin story – from his special birth in 1900 to his humble beginnings in New York City. Using this unique format, children learn extraordinary stories from Santa’s past – like his time working at the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania, and when he meets national heroes like Babe Ruth.

The stories shared are simple, easy to read, and accompanied with real historical photos. After reading through the entire book, Children will both understand Santa and learn his biggest secrets! They’ll discover how reindeer can fly, where he stores all the toys, how he got his name, and so much more. In addition to learning everything about the man in the big red suit, children will learn a lot about 1900s America and the fascinating history that comes with it.

There are not many Christmas stories that spread magic and cheer while also offering captivating historical insights. This book does just that – and is the perfect companion for families to cherish throughout the holiday season. After reading, children will understand Santa, his history, and of course, his magical miracles.

Remember, spreading kindness is one of the most important things we can do throughout the season, and this book also does a great job driving that home. In addition to being a creative origin story, How I Became Santa Clause serves as a crucial reminder that the world needs compassion, love, and respect.

You can learn more about the book by visiting its website!

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