Book of the Day 12/21/22

The Runaway Letters by Geri Lyon

(Juvenile Fiction / Mysteries)

The Runaway Letters is a creative story that children will love. Geri Lyon’s book is fun, creative, and filled with stunning illustrations. If you are looking for a fun mystery for early readers, this is definitely a book that should be on your family’s list.

The story begins with a triumphant reunion – as a grandmother can finally see her grandchildren after the pandemic kept everyone apart. Grandma Geri is thrilled to spend time once again with Becky, Christian, and GiGi. As she drives to her family’s home, Grandma Geri’s heart is bursting with love. This moment certainly hits close to home for many people who also struggled with isolation throughout the pandemic. It reminds us just how precious and joyous it was to reconnect with family and loved ones after months apart.

You’ll see that as Grandma Geri reconnects with her grandchildren, it’s like they never missed a beat. They start playing games and write on a dry erase board. The real mystery begins as the letters start vanishing! Now, it’s up to the young readers who read this book to uncover the mystery and find out just where these letters are going. The easy-to-read storytelling makes it accessible for the earliest readers, and the illustrations are eye-catching throughout the entire book.

This wonderful little book keeps young minds engaged with a fun mystery. Beyond that, it reminds us just how important it is to spend time with family. Connecting with family members is so meaningful – and this book reminds us that even the little things create big moments and lasting memories. The Runaway Letters is an adorable and eye-catching story that both parents and children will cherish.

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  1. A beautifully written and illustrated book I can share with my grandchildren as well! Attention gripping, fun, warm and loving! A wonderful read that is so consistent with the times we are facing as we yearn for the joy of reconnecting during this pandemic time! Great Job…

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