Book of the Day 2/14/23

Remember the Wind and the Rain by Jeffrey Thomas Leister

(Fiction, Romance / Contemporary)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love with this special romance novel that beautifully blends prose with poetry. Written in a unique form, Remember the Wind and the Rain shares an unforgettable story that will tug at your heartstrings from beginning to end.

The book is told through the perspective of Mark, a poet who offers snapshots of his life journey from the age of seven to seventeen. Shortly after he makes a clean escape from high school, he meets Elise, and everything changes. She’s a member of the drama club, and he sees her as his true soulmate. He may love her – but she is forbidden.

This coming-of-age story of both growth and love chronicles his earliest days of longing and attraction to the moments they spend together. Over that time, we see his growth as a poet as he navigates his way through life and love. In the second half of the novel, Mark finally breaks through the glass wall and joins Elise in her severely restricted world. Despite their connection, an arduous journey lays ahead as they must endure time until she is eighteen and out of school. Together, the young couple fights for their love as they confront her parents’ disapproval and the barriers that hinder their relationship.

I found the book to be a riveting tale of love and its limitless nature, and also a triumphant work of literary art. Author Jeffrey Thomas Leister does a marvelous job telling this story in a unique form, allowing the book to set itself apart from other romance novels. Whether you’re a romantic like Mark, or just looking for a good story, I hope you take the time to enjoy this wonderful book.

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