Book of the Day 2/17/23

A Long Way from Iowa: From the Heartland to the Heart of France by Janet Hulstrand

(Biography & Autobiography / Women)

A Long Way from Iowa is a remarkable story that is written by a skilled author. For the dreamers who aspire to live the writerly, adventurous life, this book will speak to you in so many different ways. Author Janet Hulstrand chronicles three generations of women with a passion for reading, writing, and travel, and her journey takes her to some truly extraordinary places.

In this captivating memoir, Janet walks you through her life-changing experiences as she comes to terms with the complicated relationships she had with her mother, and grandmother. Despite the barriers between them, they were united through the common love of writing. Multi-dimensional and thought-provoking, the memoir also covers the author’s travels in the United States and France, along with the emotional journey recovering from her marriage’s end. She covers the strength of family relationships – even when they are difficult – and also the role of luck (good and bad) in shaping our lives.

Ultimately, this is a powerful story that emphasizes the importance of dreams, even if they are not entirely fulfilled. A Long Way from Iowa elaborates on why it’s so important to fight for your dreams, to see them through, and to quietly enjoy life while accepting its limitations and pushing its boundaries.

Coming from a small town myself, I was captivated by Janet Hulstrand’s story. She’s an inspiration for anyone with big dreams to be more and experience all that the world has to offer. As her adventures take her to a village in the French countryside, we’re reminded that having courage makes all the difference – and intimidating leaps lead to the most extraordinary life changes.

If you’re a writer with an adventurer’s spirit, there is no better book to read. This endearing memoir will teach you quite a bit and inspire you to pursue the journey you have always dreamed about with relentless courage and tenacity. If you’ve ever hoped to change your life, do more, learn more, and be more, this book might just inspire you to take the first step.

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