Book of the Day 2/23/23

Reinventing Rita: A Midlife Moxie Novel by Nancy Christie

(Fiction / Contemporary Women)

Nancy Christie’s novel is a true triumph that reminds you it’s never too late to follow your heart and your dreams. Reinventing Rita begs the question – is fifty too old to start over and reinvent yourself? Throughout the story, it becomes abundantly clear that there is no timeline for self-discovery – and there is always an opportunity get back into the driver’s seat.

The book introduces you to Rita Reynolds. She’s an empty nester, divorced, and coming to terms with the sometimes cruel realities of her new life. Her college-age son is spending the summer with his new girlfriend instead of home with her. Her part-time job may be nearing its end, and it seems like her identity is becoming less clear by the day. Although it oftentimes feels like her life is lost at sea, fate presents her with subtle reminders of her passions – specifically in the form of a buzzing oven and a perfectly baked muffin.   

A skilled baker, the culinary art has always been a source of joy and passion for Rita. When an opportunity to teach a six-week baking class resurfaces her almost-forgotten dream of becoming a professional baker, it’s a golden opportunity for a fresh start. However, she must overcome her fear that it might be too late for her to start over. Rita’s story is thoughtful, heartwarming, and relatable for many different readers. It’s an uplifting reminder to confront insecurity, fear, and take control of our lives.

Reinventing Rita reminds you that self-discovery does not have a timeline. Through a compelling narrative, the novel redefines how we perceive coming-of-age. Through the pages, you learn that every phase of life brings opportunities for change. We are in a constant state of growth – and life doesn’t end in midlife. Rather, each day it begins anew – and with each passing second, there is a beautiful opportunity to embrace wondrous possibilities. For that reason, readers of all ages and backgrounds can identify with Rita’s empowering story.

This book will inspire you to embrace new opportunities, love yourself, and seek happiness, because you deserve it. Nancy Christie is a superb writer who thoughtfully and meticulously shares this relatable story. You can learn more about Nancy and her writing by visiting her website.

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