Book of the Day 2/6/23

Are you a N****R or a Doctor? A Memoir by Otto E. Stallworth Jr. MD MBA

(Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs)

Dr. Otto Stallworth Jr.’s memoir is eloquent, influential, and deeply relevant. The book tells his life story, coming from “the most segregated city in America” to becoming a medical doctor. His journey is filled with lessons and wisdom that will stick with readers – and allow them to truly feel every step along the way.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Stallworth’s upbringing swirled with the winds of the Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. He crossed the Alabama state line for the first time in 1962 when he was 16 and attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. As he became the first college graduate in his family, he also embarked on his own personal voyage of growth and discovery. This brought forth tales of friendship, love, marriage, work occupations, adventure, and eventually, medical practice. He shares every aspect in a thoughtful, conversational tone that is rich with approachable wisdom.

There is so much to learn from this book – and it is particularly urgent during Black History Month. While sharing his story, Dr. Stallworth does a marvelous job discussing his observations of racism, social exploitations, and injustice in the world. Are you a N****R or a Doctor? is unique in that it both offers thoughtful historical analyses alongside personal reflections of experience. It blends together in a harmonious, commanding manner to become a multi-dimensional work of non-fiction.

The memoir exhilarates you with stories of youthful zest, the spark of love, but also balances the intense gravity of America’s history of racism and discrimination. It checks every box and takes you on an eventful ride, from start to finish. There is so much to be learned through Dr. Stallworth’s book – and it ranges from personal life lessons to commentary on America’s shameful treatment of Black people. Dr. Stallworth writes as if he were speaking to a friend, and he shares a story you’ll never forget. This is truly a must-read book that is tremendously written and relevant for all readers.

You can learn more about Dr. Stallworth and stay up to date with his work by visiting his website.

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