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Leading From the Feminine: A Guide To Accessing Your Deeper Feminine Wisdom Needed To Heal Our Global Disconnection by Laurie Benson

Self-Help/Personal Growth

Leading From the Feminine: A Guide to Accessing Your Deeper, Feminine Wisdom Needed to Heal Our Global Disconnection

Laurie Benson provides a workbook that invites us to examine our cultural and societal relationship with feminine energy.

Benson urges that feminine characteristics exist in duality with masculine traits. Despite social and cultural implications that define feminine and masculine as a fixed binary, she calls for both men and women to examine these traits within themselves.

The book quotes:

“Understanding the wisdom and transformative nature of the feminine is essential if we are to move individually and collectively out of the wasteland created by masculine consciousness and values if we are to awaken to a deeper and more natural awareness of our own nature as well as that of all life if we are to re-attune our soul with the soul of the world. The feminine can give us the tools we need to begin the work of both the individual and global transformation.”

–Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee”

Benson’s book draws from Indigenous cultures to illustrate the way previous societies related to women and feminine characteristics. Bensons lays out a series of journal prompts to begin this internal self-discovery, as well as somatic work to identify where certain emotions may be blocked within our bodies.

Somatic work is also rooted in indigenous culture as a practice of healing but is also prevalent in modern therapy. EMDR, Dance movement therapy and bilateral stimulation all help re-regulate the nervous system to help clear the mind and connect through the body.

“We are standing at a pivotal moment in the history of humanity. All that we have been taught was created under a masculine paradigm, void of our deep feminine wisdom.

This unbalanced awareness has led to extreme issues playing out around the world. Fortunately, we have the power to shift our current trajectory. By reconnecting with our deep, feminine, heart-based wisdom, we can create a new path forward – a path that honors our connection and interconnection to ourselves, each other, and all of life.”

If you are looking for a unique and powerful exploration of the self, consider “Leading From the Feminine.”

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