Book of the Day 3/14/23

Unstuck and Unstoppable by Jeannine K Brown

(Self-Help / Personal Growth & Success)

Unstuck and Unstoppable should be required reading every month – and is particularly of great value during Women’s History Month. In this influential book, author Jeannine K Brown shares proven strategies that will help women leverage their value, increase their visibility, and gain the necessary recognition to accelerate their careers.

A born leader and motivator, Jeannine has helped countless women and men achieve the lives they’ve always dreamed about. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Every Day Lead – a global talent development and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. A highly sought-after speaker, Jeannine is a game-changing leader who will help you navigate the change you desire and deserve.

Throughout her insightful book, you will learn the secrets to success that help you get comfortable with making big decisions and design a career strategy that is tailored to you. Beyond that, you will come to understand how to leverage your impact by communicating your professional value, increase your confidence and self-awareness with daring choices, master negotiations, and create a powerful network of women who support each other. With these five proven strategies, and many more tips, you’ll accelerate your career and get a jump on the life you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re a woman working in finance, healthcare, law, or any other professional service, you can find meaning and value in Jeannine’s book. If you feel stuck, and like any other cog in the machine, there is no better book to read. I encourage you to take the leap, get yourself unstuck, and dive into Jeannine’s book today. There’s no better moment than right now. Unstuck and Unstoppable is the gold standard for career management guidance.

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