Book of the Day 3/16/23

Climate Girls Saving our World by Gayle Kimball Ph.D.

(Social Science / Women’s Studies)

In this impactful book, you gain insight into the global young women’s climate movement. Through first-person accounts and interviews conducted by author Gayle Kimball Ph.D., you will learn the stories behind the young girls and women who are fighting to save the planet from environmental devastation.

Climate change is one of the most pressing threats that we collectively face today and in the future. No matter where we live, who we are, or what we do for a living, it affects all of us. In this outstanding book, Dr. Kimball offers climate activists from around the world an opportunity to have their voices heard.

This book is both powerful and inspiring for so many reasons – and it’s particularly important to recognize it during Women’s History Month. Every account that Dr. Kimball shares is fascinating. We gain insight into the action that must be taken, and an awareness of how technology informs the youth. By learning about the incredible young women and hearing their voices, you’ll gain access to regional climate issues, and understand Generation Z’s thought processes in this endeavor. 

Climate Girls Saving our World allows us to truly understand the size of this movement. We are witnessing a mission like no other, led by young women, to fight for intergenerational climate justice. Through powerful storytelling, strong interviews, and photography, the movement comes to life. Although climate change poses an existential threat, the action taking place is an uplifting reminder of humanity’s resilience and compassion.

Whether you are a climate activist or not, there is a lot to be learned in this book’s 400+ inspiring pages. Across the world, young women are shaping our future. Hopefully the book not only teaches you about their efforts, but also inspires you to join them in some capacity. 

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