Book of the Day 3/17/23

The O’Brien Saga: The Ballysea Mysteries by Frances Powell

(Fiction / Mystery & Detective)

Venture to the Irish seacoast and experience this gripping mystery novel written by renown author Frances Powell. The O’Brien Saga tells the story of Cat Murphy and her Irish Wolfhound, O’Brien. 

After the end of her twenty-year marriage, Cat seeks out a new life in Ireland – but mystery and danger await her. When Cat and O’Brien leave their home in Annapolis, Maryland, they take a leap of faith across the pond. The sleepy fishing village that they now call home seems pristine. On the surface, it’s the perfect place to start over. However, it also is a place where things are not always as they seem.  

Cat regularly is faced with threats and danger. Surrounded by uncertainty, will her faithful companion keep her safe from the evils surrounding her? And will Cat find romance with someone worthy of her love and trust? These are the fundamental questions posed throughout this thrilling story. 

Powell’s novel reflects her storytelling mastery. Through skilled language and prose, she transports you to another land with ease. Her characters are rich with complexities and plenty of heart. Cat is an interesting sleuth, and her saga is deeply human. As a mystery novel, I really enjoyed the book’s twists and turns that kept me engaged. And as a story about a woman’s pursuit for self-discovery, I found it to be both moving and fulfilling. 

The O’Brien Saga is a must-read for mystery lovers. By the way, it’s also a perfect story for dog-lovers. O’Brien represents the beautiful relationship between people and dogs. Dogs have indescribable intuition – they understand our emotions and deeply connect with us without saying a word. We see the beauty of our remarkable interspecies relationship with Cat and O’Brien. 

I hope you add this cozy mystery to your list and enjoy it as much as I did! 

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