Book of the Day 3/22/23

Texas Winery Dogs by Andrew Chalk

(Photography / Dogs)

Dogs and wine… can it get any better than that? There is a deep connection between dogs and wineries in Texas. This delightful book beautifully captures the dogs that are a central part of winery life. 

Author Andrew Chalk is based in Dallas and writes about wine, spirits, beer, food, restaurants, and wineries all over the world. As a lifelong dog owner, he noticed a profound association between our four-legged companions and winery culture. The result is this book – one that brings so much joy and truly shares the good in life. 

In the introduction, Chalk mentions that when he reached out to Texas wineries announcing the book, he “received more replies than [he] had for any other email that [he] had sent in a decade.” He has been doing this work for a long time – but it turns out that nothing is more inspiring than the opportunity to give winery dogs the spotlight.

As a dog-lover, I was immediately drawn to this unique book. Dogs have always brought me so much joy, and it’s frankly adorable to see them photographed in their wine environments. The interspecies relationship between humans and dogs is both fascinating and beautiful. Without a word, dogs understand us, communicate with us, and offer unconditional companionship. Living in a world in which joy is not always easy to find, this book is a beacon in the night. 

If you love dogs and a glass of rosé on a summer day, there’s no better book to have. You can purchase Texas Winery Dogs today and learn more about the author by visiting his blog

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