Book of the Day 4/12/23

Mapping Home by Savita Krishnamoorthy and Anjur Nagamangalam

(Poetry / General)

It’s National Poetry Month and with “Mapping Home” we get to ask ourselves: What makes a home?

Savita Krishnamoorthy and her son Arjun Nagamangalam created a poetry book that mirrors a call and response, a dialogue between time, space, and culture that captures the lens of what manifests from migration from India to the United States.

Savita Krishnamoorthy is an art historian educator, organizer, and writer from India who is now based in Redmond, WA. Her writing publication includes The Times of India, Feminist Media Histories, Courageous Creativity, and more.

Her son, Arjun Nagamangalam, writes:

“i’m from music, from the chromatic black and white of the piano

the singing of the instrument as it tells a story that words never could

from bach, and beethoven, chopin, and liszt

i am from india, in nashik, and bangalore

from hinduism, and monasteries in the mountains of the himalayas

from the million and one different gods and goddesses

i am from travel, from spain to sweden

from exploring new places, exotic cultures

unfamiliar foods and delicious new tastes

sweet, creamy, rasmalai, and fresh, savory seafood from as early as i

can remember

the sugary crackle of buttery-smooth crème brûlée and the bitter

richness of tiramisu

the spiciness of thai curries, and the delicious satisfying warmth of a

hot pot”

“Where I’m from -2”


This piece speaks to Arjuns exposure to classical European giants infused with India’s religion, architecture, and cultural flavors, all of which manifest as what we use to name: home.

If you want to read more about this duo’s expression between Indian culture and the United States, I suggest “Mapping Home” for a poetic dive into understanding that all of what we are is an extension of all that comes before us.

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