Book of the Day 4/14/23

The Making of Vince Carter: A Basketball Mom’s Memoir by Michelle Vernae Carter

(Biography & Autobiography / Sports)

Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, check out this compelling new autobiography about one of the most dynamic players in basketball history. The Making of Vince Carter shares the incredible story of an All-Star career and life – told from the perspective of the woman who likely knows him best, his mom.

Throughout the book, Michelle Vernae Carter shares her son’s incredible journey and captivating rise to the top of the basketball world. There are so many lessons to be learned, and it will be both valuable and relatable for student-athletes and parents everywhere. Delivered from a unique vantage point, Michelle elaborates on what helped shape, motivate, and propel Vince into a man who left his mark both on and off the court. You’ll enjoy moments of triumph and celebration, but also those of devastating defeat that made him stronger in the end. 

At the time of this book being published, Vince Carter holds the NBA record for most active seasons played with a career spanning 22 years. The book shares the keys to his longevity, performance, and his determination to be a leader in every aspect of life. Carter’s career is unmatched – and he is known for much more than his prolific play style. He has made a lasting mark through his kindness, genuine passion, and commitment to always doing the right thing. It’s a gift to learn more about his life through this book. 

Vince Carter was one of my favorite players growing up – behind only Allen Iverson of my beloved Philadelphia 76ers. If you’re a basketball fan, or if sports are a big part of your life, you certainly should read this book. It is rich with life lessons, empowering stories, and vignettes that will inspire you to do more and be more. Vince Carter changed the landscape of the NBA for years and uplifted many along the way. I encourage you to embrace this behind-the-scenes look of an incredible person’s life and legacy. 

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