Book of the Day 4/18/23

Drone Away from Home by Michael Lee

(Juvenile Fiction / General)

Drone Away from Home is a wonderful book that is perfect for families and adventurous early readers. Author Michael Lee’s illustrated story shares a heartwarming journey beaming with lessons about friendship, teamwork, and determination. If you’re looking for a book that will excite and inspire your child, you’ll find it in this tale. 

The book introduces Darius – a tech-savvy boy. During the summer, he goes to the store with his father and purchases his first drone, Finton. Darius loves Finton, and they have some great times together. But one day, a storm blows in and carries Finton away. After the storm settles, Finton finds himself scared and alone. But then he meets Sophia – a kind cloud who is committed to helping Finton find his way back home. 

As the story progresses, Finton and Sophia embark on a breathtaking journey to reunite with Darius. It takes them to some extraordinary places as they experience some of the most wondrous sights and sounds the world has to offer. The little drone begins to learn how vast and beautiful the world really is – and on top of that, he reunites with Darius in a heartwarming conclusion. For young children, this story presents plenty of inspiring lessons. Notably, the book is an encouraging reminder for children to see what the world has to offer, and always help those in need.

Author Michael Lee is a gifted storyteller who pairs his creative writing with colorful illustrations that bring this story to life. I admired his ability to share such meaningful, human lessons through the interconnection between a little boy, a cloud, and a drone. As a children’s book author, he is quite innovative in his ability to convey the harmony of humanity, nature, and technology. Beyond that, he does it in a way that children will understand and appreciate. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! 

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