Book of the Day 4/4/23

New York Islanders A to Z by Joe Buono 

(Sports & Recreation / Hockey)

The NHL regular season is coming to an end, and the New York Islanders are in a competitive battle for the postseason. It’s the most exciting time of year for hockey fans. With that in mind, check out this creative, illustrated book that shares the rich history of the New York Islanders. 

New York Islanders A to Z is a must-have book for Islanders fans and their children. In A to Z format, the book highlights the franchise’s legendary players, magical moments, and colorful history. As a sports fan, I understand how meaningful it is to pass down fandom and tradition to the next generation of fans. This book perfectly captures the unique spirit and identity of the team in an exciting, easy-to-read manner. 

The book is creative and delivers on the most memorable moments of Islanders’ history. For many, sports are ingrained in our very identity. The team we root for is a part of who we are. The ups, downs, and all that’s in between, are a part of history that should be celebrated. Appreciation and knowledge of this history is what makes the present and future both meaningful and exciting. Obviously, this is a book about the New York Islanders. But beyond that, it captures the unique nature of being a sports fan.

The book was written by Joe Buono – founder of the Isles Fix Newsletter. It was illustrated by Joe Maracic – an artist and cartoonist from Long Island and of course, an Islanders fan. I was impressed by the Joe-Joe author/illustrator team and the work they did to put this wonderful project together. A portion of book proceeds are donated to the New York Islanders Children’s Foundation. If the Islanders make a playoff run in 2023, we might just need a new edition with updated history!

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