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Laleh’s Table, Recipes for Your World from Around the Globe by Laleh Koshkbariie

(Cooking / Courses & Dishes)

Spring is here! Most of the country is starting to experience warmer days, blooming flowers, and glimmers of sunshine. The changing seasons bring forth a wonderful opportunity for you to experiment with different recipes and ingredients that are now fresh and in-season. If you’re looking to do that and get a taste of the world’s cuisine, then you need to check out Laleh Koshkbariie’s treasure of a cookbook!

Laleh’s Table, Recipes for Your World from Around the Globe is packed with delicious recipes that will diversify your cooking through international dishes that delight and impress. You can feel Laleh’s passion for cuisine with every ingredient she shares. Her recipes are meticulously tested and are absolutely to-die-for. If you’re trying to take your cooking to another level, then you absolutely should dive into this cookbook. 

With each recipe, you’ll be equipped with easy-to-follow instructions that lead to marvelous textures and flavors. The colorful pages take you on a culinary adventure. You’ll travel from America to Arabia and Azerbaijan. You’ll traverse across Asia and into Europe in France and Italy. Your culinary travels will also take you to India, Mexico, Turkey, Israel, and more. This is truly an all-encompassing, global cookbook that captures the flair and flavor of each region. 

Not only does Laleh do a wonderful job expressing the flavors of each specific region, but she also shares the historical context to its culinary practices. We can learn so much about each other through food. This book certainly demonstrates that. This is more than a cookbook. It’s a celebration of diversity and culture. 

You won’t find a more all-encompassing, approachable, and global cookbook than this one. I hope that it brings value, flavor, and joy to your kitchen. If you enjoy this cookbook, be sure to check out Laleh’s other book!  

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  1. I’m responding to your incredible write up in tears. Tears Of joy of course. Thank you so much for this honor. I’ve put my life into my books. Most appreciative and grateful to you Joe. Merci. ❤️🌷🍷💃🏻

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