Book of the Day 7/14/22

Not Just A Dog by Laura Thomas

It’s never “just a dog”. There is just something about animals, especially dogs, in fiction that tugs at my heart. Dogs, after all, always see the good in us. Without saying a single word, dogs can teach us so much about what truly matters in life – unconditional love and companionship. I thought a lot about dogs in my own life when reading Not Just A Dog. And I certainly finished a few chapters with misty eyes and a full heart.

The novel introduces you to a woman named Stella who finds herself lost in a Costa Rican jungle. After fighting the elements alone for so long, she starts to lose hope. And then, she comes across a mangy and emaciated stray dog – and not so fondly names him, Dirty. Stella never had dogs, nor did she ever really like them. In fact, just the sight of Dirty initially made her uneasy. But Dirty is determined to stay by her side, and do whatever it takes to protect her. Get ready to follow this adventure like no as their bond grows – and the fierce jungle tightens its grip around them.

This book is simply a must-read for all dog-loving fiction readers – especially those who enjoy stories of redemption, adventure, and hope. Each page will make you hold your four legged companion a little tighter at night, and appreciate all of the love they give us during their oh too short lives. As Marshall Highet says in his review for this novel, the book offers “more proof that we just don’t deserve dogs”.

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