Book of the Day 7/15/22

Mental Health, What’s That? by Marcella K. Norman, MA

Mental health means everything. Although the last few years have brought challenges, there is a silver lining – now more than ever we are prioritizing mental health. Both at home and in our communities, we’re doing the work to share compassionate education about why mental health matters. Today’s Book of the Day is an example of that work. Check out Marcella Norman’s children’s book, Mental Health, What’s That?

Teaching children about mental health not only changes lives, it also saves lives. This book covers topics like trauma, expressing and understanding feelings, thought patterns, mental illness, coping skills, and the similarities between physical and mental health symptoms. It is so important to have these conversations early. However, it is not an easy task. So, having a book like this as a resource will help guide you on these difficult topics so that the next generation is equipped to take on whatever life throws at them.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with children, or who works with children. Without an understanding of mental health and why it is so important, some kids find themselves in a very dark and dangerous place. Spreading awareness and knowledge is the most important thing we can do. Books like this make the world a better place for today and tomorrow. You can get your copy on BookBaby Bookshop, and you also can follow the author and her work on Instagram @mentalhealthletsexplore.

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