Book of the Day 7/19/22

Unashamed by Aziza Kibibi


Today’s Book of the Day is heartbreaking and empowering all at once. It’s a story that moved me to tears, but also lit an inner fire to face my fears head on and overcome what I previously deemed too daunting. The book is called Unashamed, and it might just change your life. Author Aziza Kibibi’s strength, courage, and bravery is truly a testament to the human spirit. Her book is unforgettable, as it shares her story of strength and refusal to be broken despite facing a horrific reality.

Unashamed is the engrossing story of Aziza’s life surviving years of sexual abuse from her father. The daughter of Aswad Ayinde, Aziza fought through darkness every single day and shares a story like no other. The book reveals her story as her father’s sex slave, and how she broke free.

I can’t even fathom the nightmare that she endured, and yet she stands tall and strong today as a survivor. With a full heart, I say that you will never forget this book. Aziza’s story is one of resilience and survival. It also is a story about strength, and how good can triumph over evil, no matter how bleak it seems.

Aziza is a remarkable person, and she never positions herself as a victim. She always positions herself as a strong survivor who is capable of overcoming anything. Now, she is the founder of Precious Little Ladies, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), social progression organization that seeks to combat child molestation and abuse by strengthening the bond between mother and daughter.

If you read any book this summer, I implore you to read Unashamed. It’s a survival story about a woman who refuses to be broken. In a world where so many feel trapped by their own circumstances, Aziza’s story lights the way – inspiring hope and leading to triumph.

You can follow Aziza on Instagram @azizakibibi and on TikTok @iamazizakibibi to stay in touch with her and her work.

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