Book of the Day 8/11/22

LogoLounge 13 by Bill Gardner and Sarah Whitman

(Art / Graphic Design)

Our Book of the Day is an essential companion for graphic designers, creative directors, brand managers, and all who work in similar industries. LogoLounge 13 is one of Bookshop’s hottest sellers right now and it contains the latest and most impressive design work – created by some of the most accomplished and noteworthy designers from around the world.

If you need inspiration for your next logo design project, this is the book for you. Its content has been curated by an expert panel with some of the most impressive names in the design industry. The book is abundant with insight and inspiration that will help graphic designers deliver in their current and future projects.

If you are working in graphic design, or even if you just have interest in it, this book is essential. It shares logo brilliance at its finest and is broken down into visual categories for easy reference. In addition to the book’s collection of designs, it also contains case studies from respected designers like Allan Peters, Konstantin Reshetnikov, Kim Berlin, and Damian Orellana. The case studies offer a closer look into real examples of branding genius.

If you work in the graphic design industry, you are well aware of how difficult it can be at times to find inspiration. But this book is filled with endless opportunities for you to discover it. It is rich with hundreds of pages, and 3,000 meticulously crafted logos. LogoLounge 13 is bountiful with value that will help you thrive in your career for years to come. You can order your copy today and start learning from the best and brightest names in the industry. Stay up to date with LogoLounge on Instagram!

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