Book of the Day 8/12/22

University Gossip by Brian Herman

(Fiction / Satire)

Author Brian Herman follows up his groundbreaking novel, One Rainy Season in Yunnan, with another instant classic. University Gossip is a fascinating work of fiction that serves as a response to the changing American ethos. Throughout the book, Herman does a marvelous job of not only telling a compelling story, but offering an examination of identity and power in a postmodern world.

The book follows a group of university sophomores as they face daily struggles regarding their individual and collective identities. College is a time for exploration in its truest sense. It’s a dichotomizing time in which we are free and lost all at once – leading to so many questions about who we are, how we are, and what we are meant to be.

I highly recommend this book for all readers – especially recent college graduates. Herman’s storytelling will certainly resonate with you as he elaborates on topics such as class, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and politics. Despite it being a work of fiction, University Gossip delivers as a philosophical examination of what it really means to be human.

Brian Herman’s writing style is eloquent yet approachable. Even within short novels, he creates characters rich with complexities and spirit that will make you keep coming back for more. This novel is a magnificent triumph with multiple layers and relatable themes. Whether or not you are a recent college graduate (or a current student), it’s easy to picture yourself in his characters’ shoes. You may just look back and remember your own exploratory years – as you pondered your identity, values, and place in the world. After all, college is a fascinating time of life. It is not easy to capture the experience into words – as most of it is encompassed in seemingly indescribable feelings – but Brian Herman expresses it all in this book. 

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