Book of the Day 8/15/22

There is No Backstage by Linda Stephens

(Autobiography / Memoir)

There is No Backstage is Linda Stephens’ vulnerable and powerful memoir. It shares the remarkable details from her five decades in the theatre. Linda Stephens is an actress who has been awarded for her work in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Washington DC. She has appeared on Broadway and Off. She has received high praise by renown names like Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and Stephen Sondheim.

If any of your life has been devoted to the theatre, this is the book for you. This incredible memoir offers an open-hearted look at what it means to dedicate your life to a profession that demands a lot and gives back so little. Of course, the story also shares triumph. Linda makes it known that when the theatre does give back to you, it can change your life forever.

This beautifully honest story serves as a reminder that being an actor is not just a job. It is your life. It is who you are – and there is no escaping it. There is “no backstage”. Filled with highs and lows, Linda’s story is wonderfully honest. Throughout the book, she shares unforgettable details regarding what a successful stage actor’s life looks like and its impact – mental, spiritual, and physical.

In a recent review, Tracy Letts (Playwright and Actor / Pulitzer Prize recipient and TONY Award winner) said “I would urge any young person considering an acting career to read this book and ask themselves, ‘Do I Have to hide for this?’”. Strong reviews like this keep coming in for the book since its release, and I anticipate many more to follow. Linda understands the actor’s life as well as anyone in the industry. Fifty years and over 5,000 performances across the country have allowed her to gain a unique perspective and wisdom that will help guide and support countless people like her.

Order your copy today and follow Linda’s journey. You will gain first-hand insight into the struggles, triumphs, losses, and above all, the ultimate grace found in a life in the theatre. You will be blown away by this remarkable true story.

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