Book of the Day 8/18/22

Leading from the Feminine by Laurie Benson

(Self-Help / Personal Growth)

Today’s Book of the Day is an empowering guide to accessing your deeper, feminine wisdom. Leading from the Feminine recognizes that we are at the crossroads of a crucial moment in history. For generations, everything we have been taught was created under a masculine paradigm. Author Laurie Benson believes that this lopsided awareness is a main contributor to many of the issues we face in the world today.

This book seeks to change that. Leading from the Feminine is an invaluable resource. It teaches readers that by connecting with our deep, feminine, heart-based wisdom, we can pave a new path that honors connection to each other and all of life.

Laurie Benson is a revolutionary difference-maker who is passionate about breaking down established norms and creating a world that is guided by our wisdom and interconnection. Her book takes readers on a breathtaking journey that opens the heart and establishes a new way of thinking. It’s an essential companion for all who seek to make the world a better place – and that includes readers who are not women.

Throughout the book, Laurie teaches that feminine wisdom was referred to as “World Soul”, and masculine the “World Mind”. Furthermore, the “World Soul” shared the wisdom of connection and unity – and that the universe exists within us. Fundamentally, it taught embodied experiencing. As this wisdom was removed from our collective consciousness, we have lost our way. We lost the belief and trust that we desperately need. With her teachings in this book, we once again can learn how to turn inward.

The gentle teachings throughout the book help you reconnect with your true calling and ability to bring healing and change to the world. You can learn more about Laurie and her book on her website. Order your copy of her life-changing book to begin your personal embodiment adventure.

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