Book of the Day 8/22/22

Black & Gold by Elizabeth McCoy

(Fiction / Fantasy)

If you’re a fantasy fiction reader, you must check out Elizabeth McCoy’s novel, Black & Gold. As the first book of the Calenor Trilogy, it sets the stage for an absolutely breathtaking series of events that unfold in an imaginative fantasy universe.

As the novel begins, disaster strikes when dragons attack. Two girls, separated by hundreds of miles, run into the flames. One of them is Elian Wilding. She goes head first into her city to save as many people as possible. Despite her encounter with a deadly black dragon, she survives… but much has changed. Her left arm is mangled, and black scales have grown into her skin. The scales spread across her body, and she develops extreme newfound strength – capable of tearing any mortal man apart. She either must learn how to control her new abilities, or become the monster that so many people fear.

And then there is Elana Montaire. Elana runs into a burning house to save the children inside. She is followed by Prince Ennis – heir to the Calenor throne. But Elana is not looking for a partner. Still struggling with grief after losing her fiancé a year earlier, she has yet to consider marriage or love a possibility. But that changes when she meets Ennis.

Both of these women are thrust into daunting circumstances. When their lives collide, they need to decide whether or not they can trust each other. A powerful threat looms, and their choices will have a profound impact on the fate of the kingdom.

You will enjoy Elizabeth McCoy’s skillful writing, as she constructs a compelling fantasy world with unforgettable characters. While Elian is trying to survive her dragon attack and understand her frightening new powers, Elana is thrown into a political game as she finds herself falling for the prince. McCoy weaves their stories together with grace and her writing is so memorable that it sometimes feels poetic. If you enjoy fantasy, dragons, magic, adventure, and dual-narrative stories, this is the book for you. Enter the fire and order your copy of Black & Gold today! It’s an absolute joy to read as our summer days come to an end.

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