Book of the Day 8/23/22

Travel Now Kids: The Adventures of Chiara, Serafina, and Fabrizio by Gabriella Teresa Gaggiano

(Juvenile Non-Fiction / Travel)

Today’s Book of the Day is Travel Now Kids, and I absolutely loved this story. There are so many books that share the wonders of travel – but few share it in a context that children will understand and appreciate. Children need to grasp the value and beauty of travel, and this book allows them to do just that.

This adorable and colorful story chronicles the travels of three small children. Pairing vibrant illustrations with rhyming storytelling, the book does an excellent job highlighting the wonders of travel in a way that kids will appreciate.

I’m so happy that the author, Gabriella Teresa Gaggiano, shared this message. In the world today, travel has become almost an exclusive luxury for adults. In fact, I’ve seen far too many books, and articles, encouraging adult-only travel – leaving children behind to wait their turn. But travel should be something you celebrate with your children. Seeing the wonders of the world together makes the experience all the more meaningful.

Because of our cultural and social tendencies to establish travel as an adult-only activity, many children lack the urgency or interest in exploration. From personal experience, I assure you that I was more interested in spending summers at home with my friends than going somewhere across the world! Looking back, I wish I didn’t think this way. I wish I understood from a young age how important and impactful it is to see new places. So, if you are a parent and looking to teach your kid(s) just how important it is to go new places, and try new things, this book is the perfect companion for you.

This endearing story is all about teaching children how to learn about life through travel. It reminds them that the world is, in fact, our classroom. The book will help instill the oh so important adventurous spirit that every child needs to thrive and grow. Beyond all of that, the storytelling is wonderful, and the illustrations are superb.

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