Book of the Day 8/26/22

The Suitcase Office: What Digital Nomads Can Teach Us About Location-Independent Work by Koen Blanquart

(Business & Economics)

Koen Blanquart’s new book, The Suitcase Office, is an essential read for every working professional in 2022 and beyond. Intensely relevant, the book demonstrates how companies and managers can set up their operations to ensure everything is managed efficiently and effectively, even in a transnational context. Working remotely used to be rare and sometimes even a luxury. However, COVID-19 completely altered the way we operate in the workplace, and working from home became the norm for most Americans. Once considered a temporary solution, it is now instilled in professional culture. So, how do we adapt and thrive in this environment? The Suitcase Office is a good place to start learning.

The book emphasizes that since remote work has become the norm, it no longer is a solution to promote and maintain work-life-balance. In fact, it now is becoming a factor that gets in the way of a healthy work-life-balance. But not many are looking to go back to the office. In fact, most business forecasting experts believe that tomorrow’s workplace will be location-independent. It allows for more employee autonomy and creates unseen opportunities regarding the “war on talent”. But adapting to an entirely new method of working will take time and knowledge.

With this book, you will learn from technology entrepreneur and intrapreneur Koen Blanquart as he shares impactful advice for your company to thrive today and tomorrow. The Suitcase Office sets companies on the path to generate more flexibility, time, and satisfaction among their teams without skimping on results.

A digital nomad in the truest sense, Koen Blanquart shares bountiful information that teaches us so much about location-independent work. If your business is transitioning to remote work, or if you simply want to learn expert advice on ways to increase your company’s competitive advantage, this is the book for you. Learn more about the author and his work by visiting his website.

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