Book of the Day 8/25/22

Sparky’s Bully Workshop: A Reason to Rhyme by Victoria Devine

(Juvenile Fiction / Bullying)

Our Book of the Day is the perfect story to share with children before going back to school. The book is called Sparky’s Bully Workshop, and it is a great resource to prevent bullying. I cannot stress how important it is to teach children at an early age how harmful bullying is, and how important it is to stand up to it.

In the book, Sparky the golden retriever works hard to convince naughty children to be nice. He also helps children become more confident and assertive. He knows how bullying can ruin confidence levels for so many young people, and he does everything in his power to prevent it.

If you have an early elementary reader at home, share this book’s message with them. Awareness and education are the keys to raising compassionate children who are thoughtful and considerate about the feelings of others. After reading this book, kids who have fallen to peer pressure and have bullied others will learn to change their ways, and other kids will gain the confidence they need to confront this troublesome behavior and do the right thing.

I loved author Victoria Devine’s method of storytelling. Her ability to share this crucial message with understandable language is superb, and the illustrations are charming. Victoria understands that bullying is a global issue with long-term effects on children. Her books communicate what these social situations look like, and how to stop them from happening. Most importantly, she teaches that kindness is not a bad trait. In fact, it’s the most wonderful trait we can display.

Learn more about Victoria and her books by visiting her website.

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