Book of the Day 8/4/22

Moving: A Story of Connecting the Dots by Ihn (Ike) Lee

(Business & Economics / Motivational)

Moving is a motivational book that will help you connect the dots in your life. Author Ike Lee has been moving for much of his life. Living half of his years in Korea and the rest in the United States, he finds that his identity stands somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He went from being a poor boy on the streets to the man in the field. In this book, he shares his powerful story of moving. He reminds us that there will always be obstacles as you move forward in life’s journey. But with each challenge, you gain valuable insight that will prepare you for what is yet to come. By laying out a tangible blueprint for success and growth, he successfully creates a universally appealing companion for all professionals.

Also in Moving, Ike Lee shares his mesmerizing and inspiring rise to success as a global executive. If you dream big, this is the book for you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or even an athlete, you’ll find tremendous value in Moving. Throughout the book, Lee does such a great job emphasizing the value of variety. Lee’s life has never been dull, nor repetitive. And this is what has made it so fulfilling.

Ike Lee shares all of the necessary tools for entrepreneurial success. He shows you how to make connections both personally and professionally. He demonstrates the importance of adaptation and facing challenges head-on. Most importantly, he shares what helped him along his astronomical rise to success in business. I highly recommend this book and if you’d like to learn more about Ike Lee, you can check out his website.

In addition to Moving, Ike Lee is also the author of Tomorrow and Wonder.

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