Book of the Day 8/5/22

All the Wave by Tiana Woolridge

(Juvenile Fiction / Family & Siblings)

Tiana Woolridge’s debut children’s book, All the Wave, is an instant hit. The best children’s book authors are able to create fictional stories based on their own experiences and perspectives from childhood. This wonderful book is one of those stories.

All the Wave introduces you to two siblings, Orlando and Ness. Ness loves the water, and seeks out any opportunity to be in it. But when she gets in a bit over her head and is knocked down by a wave, Orlando comes to her rescue. He reminds her how important it is to be cautious around water, but also assures her that he always will be there for her. The book’s message goes far beyond siblings helping each other. It’s a heartwarming representation of unconditional love and an unbreakable familial bond.

What makes the story so special is that despite its fictional listing, it actually is based on a true story – inspired by the late Vanessa and Orlando Woolridge. The two main characters reflect the everlasting bond between the Woolridge siblings. This is a great book for families with siblings, as it helps children understand that their sibling bond will carry on forever. Despite being written for early readers, the book does a good job of making this rather lofty theme both approachable and understandable.

Tiana Woolridge’s writing beautifully compliments the vibrant illustrations. As we move further into the dog days of Summer, you’ll find that this is the perfect story to enjoy with your family and your young readers. It’s filled with meaning and gentle reminders to always love and support your siblings – no matter the circumstances or where life takes you. Life is filled with uncertainty, but the eternal sibling bond remains steady and constant.

You can stay up to date with the author by following her on Instagram. In addition to being a first-time children’s book author, Tiana is pediatric doctor who works in San Francisco, California.

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