Book of the Day 8/8/22

Meditation Madness: What You Say to Your Self Matters the Most by Kiva V Waters

(Self-Help / Meditations)

In order to improve your life, you need to start by looking inside. The world can get loud, stressful, and exhausting. If you find yourself feeling lost, lacking purpose, or crippled by stress, there is hope. With frequent practices of mindfulness and meditation, you can learn so much about your true self. You can strip away the layers that have been weighing you down, and feel that freedom you have always craved. How to do it? Well, this book is a good place to start. Check out our Book of the Day, Meditation Madness, by Kiva V Waters.

The book is rich with inspirational teachings that demonstrate how the paths to happiness, health, and prosperity, are all based on knowledge of one’s true self. It can be a challenge to start accepting who you are. But with the teachings in this book – ranging from yoga to meditation styles to daily thought habits – you will have access to an abundance of knowledge that leads to radical self-acceptance and love.

Learning to master your mind and find inner peace is the most profound task that you can do. Life is filled with challenges and difficult moments and decisions. In fact, most of us need to do something burdensome every single day. Life is not meant to be easy. It’s wonderfully complicated and filled with both rain and sunshine. So, when you have to make a difficult decision, it’s so important to remember how important it is to still love yourself. When facing challenges on a daily basis, you need to be compassionate and kind to yourself. Obviously, that is not easy to do. It actually can sometimes seem impossible.

But it is possible. You can do it. You just might need a little help. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of wonderful resources like this book. Within these pages, Kiva V Waters will enlighten you to a sense of inner peace that you never even knew existed. After reading Meditation Madness, you’ll grow in strength as you learn your true self – and you’ll find that there is a whole new perspective to life. With the first tool-book in Het Hru’s series, you gain empowering insight and an everlasting reminder that what you say to your SELF matters more than anything.

Start your journey towards inner peace today. Get your copy of Meditation Madness and stay in touch with the author on Instagram.  

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