Book of the Day 9/13/22

Not Afraid to Fall by Brian Hall

(Autobiography / Memoir)

Not Afraid to Fall is an incredible book filled with a whole lot of heart. It’s a true story about the author, Brian Hall, and his battle with Parkinson’s disease. At the young age of 14, he already began to show symptoms. For some, the diagnosis would be crippling – both physically and mentally. But Brian is a man filled with tenacity, strength, and spirit. Parkinson’s disease was not the end, it was just the beginning.

Brian’s book reminds readers that mindset is everything. When you change your perspective, you change your life. In his book, he leads by example and shows readers how to take full advantage of what you can do, instead of being bogged down by what you cannot do. Despite his battle with the disease, he gets on his bike. Every year, he shows that you can climb mountains and ascends Mount Washington on his bike. Parkinson’s disease took a lot away from him, but it never took his spirit. Brian will tell you that his only fear in life is to stop living.

Brian talks about his story on a local news feature.

Every year, it seems like Parkinson’s disease takes something from Brian. And yet, he grows stronger. He continues to climb mountains and he continues to overcome the odds – setting a powerful example for so many people battling illnesses and adversity. Not Afraid to Fall is one of the most impactful autobiographies I have ever read. Brian’s book taught me that life – and illness – can take so much from us. But neither can take our spirit or our soul.

Brian is a man with incredible spirit, and he has zero fear of falling. In fact, he embraces it. That’s what makes his story so special. He embraces falling. Falling, after all, is just a way to test character. What do you do when you fall in life? I recommend you follow Brian’s lead, and get right back up and keep moving forward.

While fighting his disease, Brian has gained a unique perspective on life, and has achieved spiritual balance. His teachings will motivate and inspire anyone who reads the book. After reading, you’ll learn that the more you do, the more you can do. Not everyone has Parkinson’s disease. But everyone is battling something. Life hits all of us in different ways, and Brian’s story reminds us to maintain tenacity, no matter what. Persistence means pushing forward, even when falling down is inevitable.

Brian is a motivator, a role model, and an all around extraordinary person who sets a powerful example. I recommend his book highly, and I hope it influences your life as it influenced mine.  

Learn more about Brian on his website.

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